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Two stars for keeping it mildly interesting

Otherwise it would be just one, and I do understand this guy is not a historian. His episode on the assassination of Franz Ferdinand was presented through the typical American superiority lens, in which he totally feels for these Austro-Hungarians desire to deal with the "Serbian Problem". Never mind the fact that the A-H are the occupiers, Dan still thinks they rightfully need to deal with those pesky Serbs once for all, even though the Austrians are de facto foreign invaders. But Dan Carlin isn't able to see that, as Serbs/Slavs to him are a troublemaking lower species, or shall I say, untermensch, and need to be dealt with. If that doesn't already sound familiar, he then agrees with a despicable statement about Serbs given at the time by one famous Austrian. Yeah, that one. Hitler himself. Nice job, Dan. I'll refrain from calling you names, even though you deserved it. Next time, use a variety of sources, not just ones written by covert racists and supremacists, and maybe some things will make more sense.
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