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I want to like this show...

...but the stories (or interviews, rather) are full of holes. I'm thinking principally about the Roswell account where a pizza shop employee claims to have uttered the name, "Project Aurora" (which she acknowledges is from TV's The X Files) to an engineer, whom allegedly overreacted, asks "Where did you hear that name?" (um... TV... duh) and then warned her that men in black trucks were gonna get her if she didn't stop investigating. Huh? I get that people want their lives to be interesting, have meaning and be significant but ... seriously? The other accounts given are just as full of holes in the accounts; a guy visiting Rolling Hills Asylum - EVP session - says whispering at end of hall is disrupting his investigation only to learn those voices are (allegedly) disembodied spirits. But he has no recordings of the whispering "ruining his EVP session." If the whispering had been there, wouldn't it have been recorded? Guy living in Utah - recording artist - no mention of any voices appearing on any recordings they made for their band. Curious... Anyway - it's all good fun, I suppose. I use it for background noise in my office.
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