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I get a lot of these critiques of this show - it being repetitive, one-note, them coming off as arrogant, lacking diversity of perspectives, etc. And I hope that they will address these concerns because they will only make it a better and more effective podcast. But it's minimalism. It's a simple topic. It's not rocket science. So I get where they're coming from, content-wise. Of course there will be some repetition. Of course not every episode will be a novel idea. I see this podcast as the other side of the coin from the Dave Ramsey perspective which is all techniques for being financially smart (a lot of which involves minimalism - get rid of your car, smaller place, stop buying stuff, make more, etc). I think their philosophy is to share the philosophy and not the nitty gritty as much. Because the nitty gritty is essentially: Get rid of stuff, enjoy experiences and relationships more. So I enjoyed this podcast for what it is, but if they are reading these reviews please get some experts on minimizing, please bring some people of color and women and other genders to share their perspective because we all grow when this happens. Also I was inspired to write this because they say they are donating $10 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts for every review (up to $20,000) in Sept 2017 so if you're reading this then, write a review to help those people out.
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