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So happy I found this podcast!

I've been using podcasts to distract myself into falling asleep for over 10 years. (Actually before that I used the npr website). But my fave part of using this podcast is that he tells you upfront that the story is basically only getting more boring from here. So unlike a typical podcast you don't have to worry that you're going to miss something interesting or that it will catch your attention and you'll end up staying up for the while thing. Also I noticed in the description it says for people who have tried ASMR and don't get anything out of it. But I get The ASMR response, it's just not something that puts me to sleep. So even if your an ASMR weirdo like me, this is still a good pick if you need help falling asleep. Basically, this podcast delivers on it's promise to lull you to sleep with bedtime stories that get more and more boring. SUBSCRIBE!
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