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My discovery of Underground Wellness was only a year ago but it didn’t take me long to understand why it was an iTunes top podcast in Health and Wellness. Sean’s interviewing skills keep me captivated by drawing out the stories of individuals he invited to share their knowledge of a wide array of topics in fitness, nutrition and functional medicine. Every new release surpassed expectation and I was always left wanting to know more about his guests and their work and excited to know who would be on the podcast next and what amazing discoveries they were going to share with us. It was so sad to learn that Underground Wellness would be coming to an end in late 2015. To my surprise Sean released The Sessions earlier this week. I’m happy to say that even though I skeptical about the first episode, meeting Bob Proctor through the podcast was a pleasure. Bob is an inspiration and Sean’s interviewing skills took us on a journey through Bob’s life and helped us to understand how to uncover our full potential and have happy and successful lives. Thank you Sean for all the work you put into your podcasts, first with Underground Wellness and now with The Sessions. I’m looking forward to seeing how The Sessions will evolve and who you’ll be inviting to share their stories with us.
by from Canada on iTunes
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