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First, I’d like to say that The Generation Why Podcast is overall an interesting one if you love true mysteries and conspiracy debunking. What really happened to Lindbergh’s baby? Was Amanda Knox innocent or guilty? Why do people love stories about serial killers? Haunted houses. Roswell. Even the case of Lizzie Borden gets covered. The format is a unique one. I don’t even try out podcasts that only have 10 or 15 minute episodes; so, I also like the hour-long+ format. Yes. There are some real pluses to this show. Now here comes “The But”. The podcast has two hosts. They have a guest on from time to time. But mostly the two hosts, Aaron and Justin, have interesting and engaging conversations about topics such as those mentioned above. Cool. Aaron is the reasonable one. He seems to be the more informed of the two. Justin, however, can be grating. He is by far the more opinionated. Everyone is opinionated. But Justin tosses out his as if they are not just opinions, but facts. His biggest failing in this regard is over-generalization. In the Durst episode, the most recent as of this writing, at one point the conversation turns to Durst’s bad way of coming across on the telephone. Justin tosses out that it may be “because he’s from New York”. Later on, in the same show, the character being disussed tries to drop out of society. So Durst disguises himself and moves to Galveston. He basically tries to vanish after a killing spree. The cops finally catch up to him and he goes to trial. It turns out the trial is a complete farce and Durst gets off easy because of a bad jury. Justin uses this opportunity to bash Texas. The sucky jury lets a criminal off and somehow, well, that’s Texas for ya. Or, if the law in Texas is just the opposite in a different case and comes down too hard, again, well that’s just Texas for ya. He pipes up with his personal opinions about other things as well, such as whether Macs or PC’s are better, again as though his opinion is fact. He is, of course, as welcome to his opinions as anyone else is. But he should at the very least qualify them as just that. Personal opinions based on over-generalization can be very insulting to a lot of people. Justin really needs to pull back on this.
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