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Finally! It's as though the (completely secular and non-superstitious) Gods of Fitness got so fed up with the BS and misinformation that pervades the industry that Mindpump Radio was created. I really enjoy the skeptical, rational approach to fitness that this podcast provides. It's like a completely hype and BS free discussion about fitness as experienced through the eyes of three professionals, and one trainee. Each of them lends a unique perspective with Sal being the most scientifically literate one, Adam having the perspective of a pro IFBB Physique competitor (looking forward to MAPS Black!) and Justin taking a functional and athletic approach to the topic. Doug, the trainee, has himself been trained by Sal and so has a unique (and very sexy) perspective. Each of them are perfectly counterbalanced. Its worth noting that on multiple occasions I've almost killed myself driving while listening because I have laughed so hard (be careful if you're driving and eating). Happy Listening!
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