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Amazing Show

While their research isn't exactly professional quality on SOME topics (particularly ones that are more heaped with bias garbage), both their format and presentation are excellent. I liked the episode that I first listened to so much that I went through and listened to every other episode they came out with. You can't find a podcast like this, or at least one anywhere near as well done, anywhere else. If you are interested in a skeptic's view of the weird, with some laughs thrown in for good measure, then this podcast is for you. Most of the people rating this over calculate some of the jokes into things they are serious about. My recommendation is to come at this with an open mind, which is the way you should approach anything that mixes fact and humor. And lastly, to the podcasters themselves: Keep up the great work. I eagerly await each new episode every Thursday. You guys are funny and smart, and that makes for an excellent combination when looking at sometimes very macabre material. Thank you for your hard work.
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