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A perfect little gem of a podcast

I'm always baffled by people who say that history is boring, because history is just stories about people. So if you find people universally boring, well, then I guess you won't find this podcast, or much of anything, interesting. But if you *do* think people are interesting, you'll enjoy The Memory Palace, which tells pieces of nearly-forgotten history as short stories, without ever losing sight of either the context of the time, or the humanity of the players. Nate DiMeo addresses not only what people did, but why- and how they must have felt about it, making history relatable and often poignant. The music and pace of his storytelling are ideally suited to conjuring the times and places he describes, making each episode a calming reflection on some aspect of the human experience. Sometimes The Memory Palace makes me laugh, and sometimes it makes me well up, but it's always my favorite podcast. I only wish there were more!
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