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Gripping but losing pace

Gripping is, or was, the only way to describe this. I listened to the first 16 chapters non stop during a few days of long journeys in the car. I was gutted when i finished them, so I just listened to them again! However, since then I've gone to being drip fed one 15-20 min episode (2 mins of which are credits) every couple of weeks and I'm struggling to maintain the same level of enthusiasm. Plus at this pace there's some characters who's voices I've not heard in almost 2 months which I know is going to start making the story difficult to follow! The episodes need to be at least an hour long or need to be released more frequently or people are going to start losing interest. (I'm a massive fan of the zombie genre and of We're Alive so if I can lose interest, anybody can!) Please please please guys, make this podcast great again!
by from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on iTunes
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