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Can’t say enough about this guy...

I've been loving all of Lewis' podcasts, but the one with Tucker Max really stands out to me as "real talk" about relationships and emotional intelligence (self-awareness/self-regulation) from the male perspective. I'm sure that for some, the conversation may have been too honest - but I love this stuff! I've never been one to bs around. He rightly gives Tucker a lot of credit in the interview for being so open and frank, but I also think it’s important to acknowledge Lewis and everything he’s doing for all of us. In my opinion, he is elevating the consciousness and conversation around relationships and elevating all men by holding space for them to be vulnerable and by making himself vulnerable as well. Lewis is a breath of fresh air and I believe that everyone - men, women, and young people, have so much to glean from his podcasts. I love his positivity, attitude of gratitude, humility, emotional depth, and discipline. What an incredible role model! THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, LEWIS!
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