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Quality Remained in Bristol

While his style is refreshing, and Leahy is a smart, well rounded addition, this show has joined the countless other radio programs that focus on predictions and guesses rather than reaction to actual results. Looking past often contradicting, cherry-picked, opening monologues and rejoins, that include metaphoric examples and comparisons that often portray anomalies as the base for certain reasoning, the substance of the show is significantly more shallow than it was early last year. Rather than ideas and concepts, Colin has transitioned to focus more on sports' bar talk between friends. Certainties and assurances on things no one could possibly know for sure, or care to hear a useless opinion on, such as draft or recruiting prospects, and game result predictions are all too common on this show as of late. The gap between this show and nearly every other show has closed significantly. Hopefully it regains its former place among the elite in sports' radio and intellectual, thought provoking conversation, but as of now, its digression is evident.
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