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Best Tony Robbins Interview !

great interview! ... In 2012, my second week into sobriety, I was desperate and picked up his book Unlimited Power. That book had such an impact on me at a time when I needed it most. 6 months later I met him at the Robin Hood Charity Event in NYC. Walked up, shook his hand and said thank you for doing his part in helping me to achieve 6 months off drugs and alcohol... This man and his wife Sage told me that they live a sober life also, and invited me and my family as their guests to UPW and DWD last December. I cant even put into words how grateful I am for the Anthony Robbins family and what they have done for me... they gave me a platform to open my eyes and my mind to the unlimited possibilities this world has to offer. The ultimate truth is that the fundamental idea of GREATNESS is within every single man, women, and child; & we must find a way to tap into that Power. I love learning from mentors like yourself, Jairek Robbins, and all the other entrepreneurs really trying to make a positive impact. KEEP CRUSHING IT!
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