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Dr. Drew and A Very Petulant Old Friend You Can't Get Rid Of

...a particularly nostslgic duo that long-time fans of KROQ-FM, Love Line and both personalities could* enjoy... ...if it weren't so redundant and the fact that one of the host has completely forgotten any semblance of respect for his loyal colleague. The shift is obvious to the listener and Dr. Drew, but Adam Carolla's bereft of any 'voice' or style, except...trying to reheat old gags and bombast. Of all the podcasts on his 'network', it's most apparent here. It'll be a few years before Ace knows that there's better content--and consequence for how you treat people. Only rednecks want to (continue) hearing this when you can listen to the wealth of Dr. Drew's irreplaceable wisdom.
by from Japan on iTunes
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