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A million stars and more! :)

Hellooooooo Shawn and Jade! :) I would like you to know just how much I value and appreciate your show AND your energies! You are both such inspirations for a healthier, happier, planet of people! Thank you for reminding us how to reconnect with nature’s intention of living at our fullest :) My boyfriend and I are in different countries at the moment and amidst the “missing you” messages, there are many that say “you HAVE to listen to this episode, you will LOVE this one!!!” Needless to say, we love them ALL and soak them up like sponges! :) The banter between you is fantabulous (fantastically marvellous!) and makes learning so fun. Jade, I LOVE your spontaneous ditties and Shawn, EVERY podcast is so well structured, assessable and informative, you have a REAL talent. I take you both on long walks with the dogs, listen as I drive, feel inspired as I make smoothies and I even enjoy ironing now because I know I will be giggling as I tune in! Thank you beyond five stars and keep up the great work! :) xoxoxoxox <3 <3 <3
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