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This Podcast Helped Save My Business and Transformed My Life

I was at one the of the lowest points in my life when I downloaded this podcast. I was broke. My business had failed, it was my own fault. I was depressed. I was crying almost every day. After my third consecutive month of unpaid invoices I had to accept the truth, my business was not working. It was time to go back to work. I had vowed when I got fired from my job to never go back. Ever. Now, I was returning. Yes, I was going back only temporarily, but I still felt like a complete and utter failure. Honestly, I was in a pretty dark place. I also knew after this temporary job, I would need to find another temporary job to help pay the bills, and another and another. I wasn't sure I had what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I made so many self-destructive decisions leading up to this point. The decision to download this podcast and listen to it on the way to and back from work was the first decision I made that put me back on the right course. This podcast took me from darkness to light. I could not wait for the traffic during my commute, it allowed me to spend time with Lewis and his guests. As a result of this podcast I learned that greatness is something we all have the right to define for ourselves. I realized I could choose to be great despite my circumstances. The one lesson Lewis reiterated over and over again was be grateful. Instead of complaining I did the opposite, I expressed gratitude. It helped to heal my heart. It also allowed me to connect with people in a way I had not before. It was as a result of being grateful that I made a meaningful connection with a co-worker. In the process of solving one of her problems one day, I realized I solved my own. I came up with an idea for my business I never would have thought of and as a result my business is positioned to take off. I also heard another idea during the podcast that led me to make a small investment that is creating a big return for my business. I cannot tell you how many profitable ideas are shared in this podcast. It's a treasure trove just waiting to be raided. When my temporary gig was over I felt confident enough to try again, if it wasn't for this podcast I would have just taken another temporary job and another and another. Since leaving work I've created strategic partnerships that have created business and future opportunities. I feel confident about my future and I have made a commitment to greatness. Lewis, thank you so much for this podcast. I thought when I went back to work it would be the worst days of my life. Your podcast made them the best days of my life. Your podcast helped me reclaim my greatness and I am confident it is helping others do the same. I am grateful your podcast came into my life. I was at my rock bottom and this podcast helped me lay the foundation to make a comeback.
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