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Probably the best podcast there is.

First thing I thought of when I considered listening to fantasy football podcasts was "I'm not really trying to hear some nerd losers who think they're smart talk about football as if they know any more than I do"...lo & behold, I found the Fantasy Footballers. These guys are fun, they're informative, they're connected to us as listeners, they have videos, they have shirts, they win me money on Fanduel, they win me leagues, they get me that one waiver-wire-wonder every season. They do it all. They're pretty much the only reason why I never have time to listen to music in the car anymore. Join the Footclan and never look back, you'll thank me later. & I'll waterbet with any new listener that it takes less than 3 episodes before you're screaming "MA-YO-BAG" along with Mike everyday.
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