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I just found this podcast, and I'm listening multiple times every day just to catch up... I'm a hundred episodes behind!!! But it's so important to me to fill my head with good information on fitness and nutrition and then act upon it (knowledge isn't power, APPLIED knowledge is power... I'm definitely applying the knowledge you pass on!) My journey to health and wellness begins like this: I started listening to motivational podcasts for success in my career- information on how to grow your business, become a successful entrepreneur, etc. and ALL of the podcast speakers pointed toward the importance of a balanced lifestyle, with exercise and nutrition being a key factor for success and wellbeing. So I knew I had to find out more to motivate myself to get into the gym, which Is something have always struggled with due to lack of confidence in myself. I looked around and I found this podcast, and couldn't stop listening after that first episode. And now every day I am blown away by how much new information I learn. It makes me so EXCITED to incorporate these findings, and it helps boost my confidence and get myself into the mindset that I CAN be successful in making healthy choices for my body to better my life. The two hosts make it fun and entertaining and they never cease to amaze with the guest speakers they bring on. We need to raise awareness of this podcast so more people can hear these mountains of wisdom :). THANK YOU to the model health show, keep doing what you're doing because it works!!!
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