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(Facebook message, but thought it should be seen as a review as well.) I'm sure you must get this so often, I started to listen to your pod cast about two weeks ago - I happened upon it when looking for science pod casts related to body language. I felt compelled to write you to tell you how truly wonderful it is. I've always been notorious for positivity, but the past year I allowed myself to succumb to a lot of the negativity around me and associated with life stressors. I developed this negative, impatient, anxious attitude that really is miserable to be around as well as to have. Listening to you and your guest speakers has been such an awakening. I feel redirected into positivity. I am so much more selfless, and I have so much gratitude for the things I have and for the things I have experienced. It made me really want to not only reconnect with people, but connect with them in better ways than I have before. I feel like a better, happier, and smarter person. Your episodes are so inspiring, but in such a pertinent and accessible way. I'm so deeply thankful for the changes it facilitated. I am sure you are incredibly busy and I am not writing hoping you will respond, I just feel that you should be aware of the positive changes you make in the world. So thank you, and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
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