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On a recent episode of "the Geekbox," host Ryan Scott related stories of receiving mail on XBL from defeated Mortal Kombat opponents, whining about his tactics, calling him names, and just generally being immature. His response: "cool story, bro." So perfectly detached, yet satisfyingly sarcastic. He probably didn't even bother with the comma. Today I heard the same comment on another gaming podcast. Of course, as originator of the terms "dude" and "what up," I am all too familiar with the distress of hearing one's intellectual properties infringed upon, and so am quite empathetic as to the plight of Mr. Scott. In the long term, however, I understand that such things are really just internet memes, transient fads that still manage to capture the spirit of a moment, and as such, belong to all of us. So I will not so much be appropriating "cool story, bro" (with or without comma) as disseminating its use to other members of our shared video game culture, specifically, the whiny little brats on XBL with whom I've been forced to play Street Fighter while PSN is down.
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