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Hilary Goldstein makes this podcast great

There's no other way to say this: Hilary Goldstein is pure gaming genius. It's the kind of genius that can only evolve from suffering through life with a girl's name. In addition to being a gifted reviewer, Hilary brings a manic sense of humor to the podcast and elevates everyone's game when he shows-up. Earlier episodes featured Hilary as R.O.B. the Robot - ign's answer to Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog. You must listen to those. Hilary is absolutely merciless when it comes to: inane co-workers; publicists; the illiterate; Nate; Don King (yeah, that Don King); and other peddlers of substandard wares. Only someone as entrenched and respected as Hilary could name the Xbox 360 podcast "Three Red Lights" and get away with it. That's like doing a podcast about fast food joints and calling it "Your Clogged Arteries". That irreverent sense of humor pervades every episode featuring Hilary Goldstein. Unfortunately, he does not particiapte in all the episodes, and you can tell, because those drag somewhat. IGN should give Hilary his own show. - Not Hilary's Mom
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