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Years ago, I think the show was better. Since then, Matthew seems to have become too Hollywood, and Nate is not there to reel him in. I also cannot believe that I actually miss Podvader. I am writing this review because in the latest episode, football was not mentioned until the 9:04 mark (in a 34 minute podcast) - uh, wow. I started playing Fantasy only about 4 or 5 years ago; and Fantasy Focus was my first FF podcast. When I didn't know much, and didn't care about winning as much as having fun, it was great. Since then, other Fantasy Football podcasts have gotten much better; and this one has gotten so much more, uh, sloppy? light on content? unfocused? Anyway, if you want mostly banter, shotgun information or advice (when given), and more bumper promos than content; this is the show for you. If I want to just listen to craziness I prefer bob and tom or Howard stern. Blessings, Steven
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