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Update: I still like this show, but....I'm really disappointed in the direction it's taken in the last year. They seem to have done away with the 3 stories with a unifying theme format and now they are doing one story for the whole hour. The problem with that is if you find that story is not interesting to you, you've lost a whole episode. And I have found that MANY of the topics have not been of interest to me. I used to love the personal stories on the show, but now they seem primarily historical, political etc. It's become a more typical news type of show. Went from my favorite podcast to one I often don't even finish a whole episode. ....(old review)I love TAL. I just recently discovered it, and now I'm hooked. Each episode has three true stories with a common theme. I'm not trying to be corny or dramatic, but... Listening to TAL makes me like people again. I work in customer service oriented job, with my boss and clients being rude, disrespectful, even yelling at me for things beyond my control, and at the end of the day I feel like I just hate everyone. But,listening to this podcast I remember how lovely people can be; humorous, smart, intelligent, charming, and vunerable. I love it!
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