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My 3 year old is HOOKED!

The other day, I was getting my 2yr old & 3 yr old little boys strapped into their carseats when the 3 yr old (whose name happens to be Shawn, spelled correctly of course) blurted out almost in a panic "But we NEED Shawn Stevenson!" I laughed out loud and turned your podcast back on :D In other words, CONGRATULATIONS on getting out your amazing information! It clearly makes a difference as even my 3 yr old is hooked. Your information has made a huge difference to my life, which is saying something since I've been a fitness pro for 20 years. You are right when you say fitness does not necessarily equal health. I have burnt out my adrenals (go figure, with 2 boys aged 2 & 3? Jade, you hear me, right?) and have successful utilized the info on your show to start myself back on the journey to full health & vitality. Not only that, but I really enjoy listening to the 2 of you! I find myself cracking up while I'm driving my boys from place to place (Mommy Van Time offers a lot of opportunity to take in more info from Shawn & Jade) and really being able to take in and utilize what you are offering, WHICH by the way, I recognize as SO incredibly valuable! Thank you so much for putting this out there at no cost (which is so crazy! So much value!), and thank you to Jade for offering the perfect balance and asking all the right questions at all the right times. Love to you both, and please keep putting out this wonderful content. Much appreciated.
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