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Malcolm, thank you for pouring yourself out to think independently and unbiasedly about these topics. And then to produce this fabulous series. Please, please keep up this work. You ended the series with the most brilliant statement about needing courage to make a difference in this life. We need that kind of courage to end the people and planet damaging activities that we are currently engaged in! I personally receive this courage from Jesus of Nazareth, not the baby, but the king. The Lord of Lords, and The King of Kings. With Him we can acquire the no fear attitude to go against all that is oppressive and destructive on this earth - including our own personal limitations and foibles. Thank you again for having the courage to take this project on. Hope to meet you some day. Either on this earth or the new earth. Until then I hope to gain the kind of courage you spoke of to make a difference - on this earth. Your series helps in this respect. Thank you.
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