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This podcast is not only helpful, but also gut busting funny!! Being one of Anna and Sim's "dear listeners" for a few months now, I can assure you this is a great podcast. The advice given by the host and poducer is always helpful and insightful. The guests also offer their own advice and views. Anna and Sim truely care for their callers they counsol and their listeners, and it is really refreshing to hear people caring for others. I feel like I have learned so much about relationship and how to handel sticky situations. I didn't start listening for relationship advice, but now I am in one (and as an awkward woman in her early 20's who just got into a relationship) I need all the help I can get! I orginally started listening because I adore Anna and her comedy, and this podcast has never lets me down in the comedy department!! Every episode I listen to I laugh out loud at least once. The wonderful guests combined with Anna's incredible natual comedic talent produces halarity everytime! Personally, I think Anna should explore improve more, because she has a natural calling. I listen to this podcast while getting ready in the morning and it's an excellent way to start your day - I highly recommend it! If you're looking for a funny, helpful podcast to brighten up your day, give Anna Faris is Unqualified a listen - you won't be disappointed!
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