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'Maybe They're Stuck'?

As an African-American woman I was very excited to find another podcast that would be reflective of me. Little did I know, it was nothing like that. At first as I listened, I laughed as I thought that these two black women were putting on a tingy, high pitched drawn out white girl voice for the purpose of humor until I realized that it was going on far long to still be funny. Perhaps they were so busy running their skit that they forgot to bring their voices back down to its natural state? Maybe they're stuck? But after 7 min into their "Shequoia" podcast I realized that these women weren't putting on a white girl sounding voice/affect or littering their commentary with "go kill yourself" and "chill AF" just to be funny!This. Is. How. They. Actually. Speak! I couldn't take it! It was depressing and scary! They've clearly been so well entrenched in non ethnic culture that they've even changed their vocal inflections just to fit in w/ them! So if you're an AA woman wanting to relate to AA women, keep looking! You most likely won't find it here.
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