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This is a SUPERIOR piece of work.

I listen to history podcasts on a daily basis to pass the time on my bicycle rides. I have worked my way through many of the offerings at the itunes site, but David's History of England is one of the best researched and logically presented compilations that is out there, regardless of subject matter. He interweaves several aspects of culture, economy and daily life into the contemporary renderings of each historical chapter that has the effect of giving the listener a more complete understanding of the events as they transpire. His style, as well as the quality of his observation, reminds me a good deal of Barbara Tuckman's works, but his occasional use of causal wit and understated commentary add a wonderful spice to his performances. He is of a quality that I hope upon his completion of this narrative, he undertakes another historical subject matter. He is altogether interesting, informative and entertaining - unfortunately very few of these podcasters can combine those attributes with proportion or skill to the degree that this gentleman seems to do so effortlessly.
by from United States of America on iTunes
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