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I have very mixed feelings about this show. When an episode is good, it is entertaining and enjoyable. Other times it is boring and maybe even a little ridiculous. Pros: Funny and interesting. The producers are skilled at what they do. Cons: There seems to be a lot of reruns. Also, sometimes the shows subject choices are really strange. In a recent show they talk about Journatic. The whole piece just had the feeling that TAM producers where threatened by Journatic's methods. In reality, Journatic is covering news that ordinarily wouldn't get any coverage at all due to a lack of any local reporting. Another really bizarre episode is the one where Ira is trying to slam a judge who he feels is too mean to druggies. Wait, what? The whole thing is just plain strange. Why do they even care? It has the feel like a producer got paid to do whatever they can to turn the a lot of people against the judge.
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