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When I say this show is inspirational, I don't mean it will make you decide to lose 10 pounds or quit drinking. In fact, quite the opposite might occur with continued listening. Instead this show has inspired me to break out the GM screen and run a campaign for the first time in over a decade. Listening to the back and forth between the players and the GM has reminded me of how fun it can be to build a world and let your players run free. While some of the cast and characters have changed over the years, the quality of the show hasn't diminished. I find myself looking forward to each new episode as I ponder how the GM will continue the story and how the players will take the plot in a completely different direction. Expect some foul language and expect some mature themes. But most of all, expect to have a good time as you follow the tale of these non-so-perfect heroes as they explorer a world familiar, yet very very strange.
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