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I'm a new listener to the podcast after discovering these guys via the Non-Consumer Advocate facebook group and their documentary. Overall, I like the message and Josh and Ryan seem like affable dudes, but I do also agree with some of the criticism here. 1. I think guests would be tremendously helpful to prevent the show from being one note and to offer different perspectives. For instance, I just listened to the show on clothing and would have really appreciated if they had a female guest since men's and women's clothing needs are very different. 2. The reading of their own essays seems... odd and far too frequent. Reading essays by other people makes sense, but both agressively promoting your books while also reading them to me is overkill. 3. The pacing could be improved. The episodes are quite long, which is only an issue because they seem stretched out by bits of administrata that could be left out entirely, or edited out later. For instance, giving books to people who ask questions is a very nice gesture, but is it necessary every time you do that to then tell Shawn to send a book to that person? Or tell Shawn to add things to the show notes? Presumably he knows to do that already, and this is somethng that frequently gets repeated multiple times each episode. Also, for people who agresseively eschew advertising, constantly repeating that your books are available as hardcover, paperback, audio, etc. feels like a commercial and comes off as hypocritical. I do enjoy the message and intend to keep listening, but might not count this as a favorite. Update 09/02/2017 Dropping from 3 stars to 1. I have lost patience with these guys now, and am starting to actively dislike them for a few reasons: 1. Their advice on things like money and diet are ill-informed and potentially harmful. They rarely couch it with any kind of disclaimer, and that's something I can't support in any way. 2. For a podcast on minimizing and streamlining your life, they sure do go on forever and repeat themselves. There is so much off-topic bloat in this podcast, it's often maddening to listen to. In the beginning of the Budget episode, they sit there giggling for five minutes--literally. Edit your podcast like you edited your posessions, guys. 3. The episide on crticism made it very clear that they only want positive reviews and no constructive feedback from their listeners.
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