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Hollywood History and Gender Studies 101

If you love Hollywood history and your politics are pretty far to the left, this is the podcast for you! Writer/host Karina Longworth seems eternally trapped in her sophomore year gender studies class (Did you know that people opposed to Stalinism were really just eager to “keep the white male patriarchy firmly in place”?). And according to Longworth, almost any action by a female star in, say, 1942 can be better understood through the lens of 21st century intersectional feminism. If you can handle this kind of stuff - and to be fair, it only makes up 10% of every episode or so - I can heartily recommend this podcast, which includes some fun Hollywood history. But if this approach sounds like nails on a chalkboard, or like one of those horrifying 1970s-era interpretations of the Marx Brothers’ “Duck Soup” as an example of dialectical materialism, get your Hollywood history elsewhere.
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