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Great--So far!

I'm here because of Rupaul--I heard Anna on his podcast and it piqued my interest! I started from the beginning and have binged all the way to #44. I LOVE When Anna and her guests discuss the ins and outs of Hollywood, and find her advice to be refreshingly honest and charmingly heartfelt. It is very clear that she and Sim love their "callers". PLEASE Have more updates on past callers! I want to know what happens! I came here to show my support, and while reading some of the more recent reviews, I am becoming worried that I am in for some disappointment--I too find the Improv segments, especially those with the Karen Sarducci character to be slightly self-induldgent and somewhat lacking in "funny". Sometimes its GREAT! And other times, it feels uncomfortable. I'm going to keep listening, and am hoping that those negative reviews prove to be incorrect.
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