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Obama echo chamber

Did not fire employee who advocated and supported violence by the left in San Jose. Did not support dissenting opinions to gather, preferred their opinions be subjected to violence. Consistently lacks anything close to objective. This kind of progressive splaining is dangerous. Also as someone at a senior level close to a state exchange who saw corruption and incompetence at a level in the millions at the state level likely billions federally in government waste based on simple health care implementation incompetence... That's it, they didn't know how to implement health insurance at a sustainable scale and instead of making a sound law based on facts they made a palatable law poorly designed, heavy in waste that is going to prove unsustainable given current debt federal debt levels . All that "yapping" you did...Obama quote about dissenting opinions... Missed so much of like the cost per person to sign up and how much money is being spent to subsidize elder Americans premiums who wholly have not saved or budgeted at any time in their life to afford appropriate premiums extending the hand outs they already beyond what they have put into social security/Medicare. your coverage on those topics was woeful and at best simply brushed aside as basic echo chamber, Elizabeth warren has a retirement account in the millions guaranteed no losses 4% a year yet claims the system is unfair. For who? Not to her obviously who has a pension in addition or Harry Reid who has what net worth based on what income as a lifetime senator again ?? or any other moralizing progressive we know best and others are dangerous if they don't agree witch hunt politician who this podcast happily parrots. No mention of acorn and Obama connections, cair/ Muslim brotherhood, or discussions on how John Kerry watched that young man get repeatedly tazed or Hilary's memory on sniper fire or accounting of Clinton foundation or Americans rights in other countries vs foreigners rights in America. Just plenty of echo chambering progressive opinions. Stopped visiting site and unsubscribed weeks ago, just now getting to leaving the appropriate review.
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