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The interview with his brother was great, but….

I have listened to this show a few times now and I am sorry Lewis, I am moving on. There are enough people in my life who are self-centered and talk about themselves constantly and you are now one of them. I believe you have good intentions, but went to listen to the amazing interview of your brother, I had to listen to you speak about handball and your personal achievements. So offense, but that is a slightly separate topic that having your incredible brother come on to the show who came across as humble and full of humility. Lose the personal ego and I’ll be back. PS. The best websites and shows I listen to and watch tend to hide, in a humble manner, self-attention. You clearly do not do this and enjoy posting yourself everywhere. Something must be working, but again there are enough people out there in my own life and I go to Podcasts to escape. Please think about this should you ever change your approach. I give you credit for trying though as I wouldn’t have the energy to pull this off.
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