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Andy, Jason and Mike do it in their own way. That way is unlike anybody in the business. They are entertaining, smart, and funny as they bring tons of fantasy knowledge to the audience. It is hard to keep these guys out of my conversation with my fantasy football league, because I fear they will gain the same advantage, so I'm taking it to this review. I appreciate the time they put into this podcast and their YouTube channel, posting 5 times a week. It's very entertaining how they bring a sense of normalcy (had to be careful not to pull a Jason-ism there) to the podcast as Cardinal fans and they do it by not being biased. It's fun to get accustomed to the nicknames they give the players as well. Thanks to their advice and strategy, I'm going into week 4 with: Bortles Allen Robinson Brandon Marshall Lev Bell Jamaal Charles Pita McCoy Demaryius Thomas Crowell Rashad Jennings Sanu Fleener (patiently) And the #1 waiver spot Keep up the great show and I'll be listening as long as I'm winning- which will be forever. -Brodapp
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