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All the emotions.

As a new-to-podcasts listener.. I could not be more pleased to find 5 years worth of these podcasts.. At my current job I have 7 over-night work hours to fill in with one earphone of entertainment. For the past 5-6 months I have been playing catch up and getting in 4-5 episodes in 5 days a week.. Haha I think I'm starting to laugh like Pete. I feel like I'm getting a back stage pass into a comedians mind hahaha I absolutely love the fact I can retrace at least 2 jokes he worked on from his stand up special in these episodes. Pete, if you still read these.. You make my day everyday and you make me want to go into my dead-end retail job with every weird moment you can bring me. Your journey into becoming a vegan. Realizing your spiritual side, you can do no wrong, lol.
by from Canada on iTunes
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