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At first run, this podcast disappointed me (beyond the initial sound quality) - I thought that the intelligence level, worldliness, and perspective of the guests was less than impressive, and did little to truly inspire me. A lot of the guests seem to have only just learned elementary lessons in business and success, and many seemed to just be very limited in the scope of their potential. This was totally fine by me though, as I had commited to tuning in and hearing the views and opinions of others whom I sometimes felt I might not have a ton to learn from. However, the podcast has recently had several interesting guests that definitely stirred the fire underneath me, particularly when James Altucher "took over." While he makes up words occasionally and may be a bit too health-oriented for my business-obsessed taste, Lewis is an ambitious guy and has become a much better interviewer. Objectively, I would rate it four stars, but I now consider myself a fan and am rooting for the continued success of Lewis and his podcast, so five it is. Fan request: I absolutely love listening to guests talk about their entrepreneurial hardiness and how it pertained for them starting to generating income! Always fun and exciting to listen to.
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