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If you listen to this podcast and don't thoroughly enjoy it, you hate a) America b) expert storytelling c) soothing voices and d) podcasts. When a new Memory Palace hits my iTunes list I savor it, and will wait until just the right opportunity (car ride, oil change, DMV, muted conference call) to unleash it for my hungry ears to enjoy. Nate does such an incredible job shaping these stories, and creates such a dramatic story arch within just a handful of minutes that I have never finished one without wanting just a few minutes more. I had to drive from Cooperstown NY to Newark NJ in the middle of the night recently, and re-listened to almost every episode, and the stories were so good the trip seemed over before it started. I want to support this podcast in any way I can. If their main sponsor was a brand of toothpaste that gave you diarrhea, I would gladly ditch my Crest and make that sacrifice. Godspeed, Memory Palace. May your lights never flicker.
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