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CrimeCon Presents: Shattered Souls

Great Concept but...

I love the subject matter and the hosts seem to have good chemistry. However, one of the guys - not sure which one but I think it's Joe - drinks during the podcast and listeners can hear the annoying sound of him gulping water (or whatever) through the microphone while the others are talking. One time I could hear him smacking his lips like he was eating something. This is totally unprofessional and so annoying I have to stop listening. As a podcaster, he has to know his listeners can hear this; and if he doesn't know it, I guess he'll never find out because the hosts recently revealed they don't read the reviews because they are mean. So really, how much do they care about the quality of the podcast if they aren't willing to address listener's concerns? Unsubscribing.
by from United States of America on iTunes
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