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Let me start off by saying this podcast is explicit for a reason, the sultry and dirty things talked about in this podcast would shock most anyone. When I first started listening I was shocked by how knowledgeable these people were of video games and nerd culture, but I soon learned that this is how they trap people. They are constantly rating celebrities on their own scale (this Gabrielle Anwar scale they always talk about) and even some of the hottest girls out there only get a 1! But after this initial shock of sexual talk I grew to love it. Their mouths are always being stuffed with who knows what, and one member of the podcast would do things so despicable HE even refused to talk about them on this all out sex-fest of a podcast. They do still talk some about video games, but let me tell you, you won't be able to believe where they go with some of the games. So give it a listen, grab some moisturizer, maybe even your significant other, and listen to the smooth sexy voice of Ryan Scott and his sexcapades.
by from United States of America on iTunes
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