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Despite some problems, this is the best WoW Podcast there is. I listen to WoWcast, Taverncast, the Instance, WoW Chronicles and a few other, and none deliver as consistently as this one. Starman comes from a real powergamer/elitist place, and Ren, while a very serious and dedicated gamer, tends to come from a more balanced place. It's a compeling mix, and one that works well and speaks with the voice of authority. I'd say it's 95% excellence. The 5% that is lacking: 1. Audio levels continue to plague the show. Usually Renata is too quiet to hear without keeping my hand on the volume knob. 2. Starman has become a real PvP thug, and while I like PvP (former DAOCer, soon to be WAR player), I think ganking is weak and don't want to hear about it anymore. 3. Constant WoW noises in the background- turn that sound down! 4. Starman's constant use of initials over words (totally nit-picky). Gold and G have the same syllabic content- no need to shorten it verbally.
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