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I've just finished up the series on the Manson family and was very entertained by the connections that Karina Longworth made to what was happening in Hollywood at the time and the many odd connections that Manson and the family had to famous stars. I raced through the series one after another. Now that I'm finished, I'm going to download other episodes. However, and I apologize to Ms. Longworth if she has an impediment that I'm unaware of, but I found her affected speech and precise diction wrong footed me so that I often had to back up the segment because I missed the content of what she next said. To hear her deliberately place emphasis on the wrong part of a common word from standard usage is just distracting and a bit irrita-TING. It's a small quibble compared with how ridiculous she made the Manson women sound when she imitated them. The nasally imitation that Ms. Longworth used was so weird and sounded so ridiculous that I looked up some clips of Good and Fromme and neither of them are as comically, weirdly, nasal as Ms. Longworth characterized. I was left wondering if Ms. Longworth was trying to make them comic, or present them as amusing? I can't decide what her aim was. But it was distracting and more than just a bit irrata-TING. 4 Stars for content and 2 or less for form.
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